About Us

The Tanzania Sports Betting Association (TSBA) is the nonprofit organization that represents betting and gaming operators who are licensed and regulated in the United Republic of Tanzania.

TSBA aims to work with specialists in international gaming regulation, decision makers, governmental departments and non-governmental institutions in order to improve and promote regulatory gaming and sports betting practice in Tanzania.

In dialogue with The Gaming Board of Tanzania, TSBA aims to promote fair, reasonable and justified taxation in all games of chance, with no exception to any type of betting or gaming. Laws should be clearly defined with regard to all taxes payable by operators as a result of the promotion of games of chance.

Ensuring the gaming environment is safe and reliable is a top priority for TSBA. As part of recognizing gambling addition, TSBA will be responsible for implementing a project called “It is possible to quit”, which was initially developed by The European Organisation for Gaming Law (EOGL). In essence, all employees that deal with customers must be able to recognize and identify the early signs of gambling addiction. Members and employees of TSBA will be responsible for providing players with information about gambling issues and addiction as well as ways in which they are able to overcome such addiction.

Tanzanian regulation must account for a high level of consumer protection, taking into account the existence of a digital economy and high consumer expectation.

Our activities support the functioning of a regulated Tanzanian market, with free and uninterrupted competition.