Principles of Membership

The Tanzania Sports Betting Association supports and promotes a safe, secure and reliable environment for all games of chance in Tanzania. As a result, TSBA members have defined a set of ideal standards that need to be adhered to:


In discussion with The Gaming Board of Tanzania, TSBA will promote that all taxes and fees payable by operators be clearly defined by the Law with regard to games of chance.

  • Equality – All betting and gaming types should be subject to the same taxation laws, as to ensure no one type of betting or gaming product is in a more favorable position than the other.
  • Transparency – Taxation should be clearly defined so as to ensure all operators are able to identify the consequences of taxes on their transactions in the gaming environment.
  • Efficiency – Specific Tax regulation so as not to create a double taxation system, and avoid the risk of tax evasion by operators.



All members of TSBA will ensure that they introduce anti-money laundering policies in order to identify, escalate and report any suspicious, unusual or fraudulent deposits, withdrawals and customer information. This also includes accounts where little or no gaming or betting activity has taken place.



TSBA aims to promote a responsible gaming environment for all users playing either online or in-store with any one of our members. Gaming should be seen as a socially enjoyable source of entertainment. TSBA members must ensure that all users have access to safe and technologically advanced gaming platforms.


Principles for responsible gambling as indicated by TSBA:

  • Members must inform customers about the potential risk involved in games of chance.
  • Customers of TSBA members must have access to responsible gambling helplines for assistance regarding gambling addiction.
  • Allow customers to define their own daily, weekly or monthly betting and/or deposit limits.
  • Provide customers the opportunity to self-exclude where necessary.
  • TSBA will implement the “It is possible to quit” program as developed by The European Organisation for Gaming Law (EOGL) to ensure all employees are able to recognize and identify early signs of gambling addiction.
  • Employees should understand the impact of gambling addiction and discuss potential solutions with customers.


Gambling whilst under the age of 18 is a criminal offence and TSBA members take their responsibility to prevent access by under-18s very seriously. Our members will ensure that they only accept customers who are older than the age of 18 at the time of registering or placing a bet both online and in-store.

Age limitation must be clearly visible on all TSBA member websites and displayed on the entrance of all brick and mortar stores. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, players are also obliged to comply with all rules and limitations set out by each of our member’s websites.

All TSBA members will regularly check the validity of all information that has been supplied by the player during the account creation process.


TSBA members agree to only employ individuals who are older than the age of 18 at the time of employment. Identification documents must be checked to confirm that employees have provided personal information that is accurate and up to date.

Staff members are trained to use secondary forms of identification and age verification where initial verification procedures may have failed to prove that an individual is of legal age.



All TSBA members must provide proof of a valid and legal operating license issued to them by The Gaming Board of Tanzania.

Where a member is unable to provide a valid license, they will not be able to take part in any TSBA event or discussion.

In the case of a pending approval whereby a member is able to provide us with a temporary license, their membership will be accepted and a note put onto our system in order to follow up and ensure that we receive the relevant license.

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